A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity (Paperback)


‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’ is a poetry anthology consisting of over 120 poems along a wide range of topics including depression, humanitarianism, anarchy, regret, love, hopelessness, and loss.”

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Nicholas Powell writes about the darkest parts of humanity in his new poetry anthology ‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’

Writer and philosopher Nicholas Powell pulls the curtains on his experiences. ‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’ is an anthology of over 120 dark and saddening poems about confronting the darkest parts of humanity. Pulling in the reader with his dark and descriptive works, ‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’ is a book that doesn’t censor the horrors that humanity’s is capable of, but shines light on them.

Author Nicholas Powell wrote ‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’ over the course of nearly six years from the young an adolescent age of thirteen up to the age of nineteen. His passion for writing and philosophy drips and oozes onto every word, every sound and every breath. Nicholas shares his dark and cynical views on the rise and fall of the darkest parts humanity that many would rather be content to ignore. Rape, bullying, abuse, corruption, sickness, anarchy, disease and death to name just a few. The poetry in the book ‘A Madman’s Lectures On humanity’ don’t choose to explain what’s right and what’s wrong, but instead leaves those morals up for the reader to decide.

Readers who are interested in philosophy or those have an appreciation for darker literature will adore the works in ‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’ and Nicholas’ dark and cynical style of writing.

About The Author:

Nicholas was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He’s since moved to Gardner Massachusetts and currently is attending Mount Wachusett Community College towards his associates degree.

Nicholas Powell first began writing at the young age of thirteen. Eager to learn from the world that surrounded him, he was often the ‘voicebox’; the one who people came to when they needed to talk to someone. Even at a young age, he would often give advice to the people who came to talk to him about their problems, while having no one to talk to about his own. This, combined with his writing talents drove him to become more acute about his surroundings, often figuring things out far before his peers. After being hurt by people close to him, he decided to turn the fun hobby of writing into something more formal and serious. He was often ignored when he spoke about the people who abused him or hurt him, so he took to the writing as an escape. By the age of 16, he compiled over 150 poems. By the age of 18, he had compiled over 250.

In 2015, his poetry was put in a compilation along with other poets into a book entitled ‘Soul Stains’. His love for literature went later into submitting poems to multiple magazines he found “Intriguing”. Eventually, one of his works was accepted by PearTree Press for their 13th issue of ‘The Literacy Hatchet’ later in 2015 with the poem ‘A Youthful Old Soul’. Despite his attachments into literature and writing, he considers himself a “…Man of many hats…”. He’s delved his hands into different careers from boutique computer construction to carpentry, and encourages others to ‘explore the interests around you. Not necessarily to master them,”…but to understand them.”

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