• poetryDug In The Sand
    It seems like we’re lost, maybe it’s political, maybe I’m on the wrong side of failing to not be typical. What [Read More]
  • raindrops-546254_1920(Poem) Never Bow to the Grind of Labor
    (Poem) In those lonely moaning hours of the night, where you’d see not a soul in the wake of your path. On a cool and [Read More]
  • ribbon-1101997_1280Poem: The Girl Who Wears The Wig
    Poem: The Girl Who Wears The Wig I’d give you a lift little angel, but I already cracked my porcelain wings, and I could [Read More]
  • poetryPoem: You Are You
    You are you, and I am I, So tell me then, my lullaby. Where do you go when dreamers dream, where do you rest, how does [Read More]