Dug In The Sand

It seems like we’re lost, maybe it’s political, maybe I’m on the wrong side of failing to not be typical. What would you do they say to you or I, dancing on the trapeze of a now lonely mind? If that’s just the start, if that’s just the beginning, on the wrong side or right […]


Poem: The Girl Who Wears The Wig

Poem: The Girl Who Wears The Wig I’d give you a lift little angel, but I already cracked my porcelain wings, and I could never bare to watch if you fell to the ground, because I wasn’t strong enough to carry you. I know you wanna fly until the clouds are pillows, away from all […]


Poem: You Are You

You are you, and I am I, So tell me then, my lullaby. Where do you go when dreamers dream, where do you rest, how does this seem? Can you see, can you go, for all it’s worth, then sell it so. How can you dream a dreamers dream, what do you see, why can’t […]