My Daily Dose of Writing 329

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Haven’t talked in a while. Sorry about that lads and lassies. Unfortunately, things like graduation, college, finals, and a bunch of useless social nonsense has blocked me from my lovelies. So, I’ll just talk about everything that’s gone on in the last five weeks.

First, I finished up my last finals for college. Did fantastically in those. Scores for total grades were an 89.94 for my psychology course, a 96.34 for my Weather and Climate course, and I scored a 99.43 in my Capstone course. Then, I graduated from my local community college with a liberal arts and general science degree. After that, I’ve applied and will be going to a local state college [eh] for my bachelors and masters in English Studies.

After that whole social nonsense, I finally finished organizing the office (mostly), along with getting the closet completely organized.

From there, I’ve been working on editing videos for my channel, and I’m continuing writing my novel, with the occasional poem now and then.

So that’s about it really. Honestly thought I’d have a bunch more stuff to talk about. Guess I’m just lazy. Anyhow, here’s the stuff I’ve been up to. Cheers!

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