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Americanizing something that another country does far better than we do, isn’t going to make that thing better. Perhaps, ever-so-shockingly, it’s the fact that it’s distinctly ‘not’ american that’s making it work. You can’t hog-tie two different cultural ideals and expect them to blend seamlessly, and sometimes, that can even make something worse.
Point being, Finland’s education is successful for a reason that it distinctly “isn’t” American. That it’s doing things we wouldn’t think of and don’t want to do. Either copy the entire thing, or don’t copy any of it at all. You’re not going to make your education better by taking Finland’s ideas and only accepting them when they’re convenient for you. Money isn’t the issue. They statistically per capita spend only $200 more on education per student (some reports say they spend less, so I dunno), and it’s because their style costs less grossly than ours does. And, shocking perhaps, it performs better, and not just by a small margin. If money was the only issue, than the US could just throw it’s debt at anything and be great at it.
Money isn’t the issue. At least, not the major one. Not the one that people should be talking about. It’s culture, and the idea of accepting another way of doing things that’s inherently alien to your way of doing things is often far more difficult than simply handing someone money, and expecting the problem to be solved by the end of the quarter. America constantly Americanizes things to the point that they’re alien to their origins, and that simply doesn’t always work. We are constantly behind on nearly everything, and the fact that another country spends less per capita per student, means it’s not and probably will never be a money issue. It’s more than that.
If the US actually wants to compete with other countries globally, it’s leaders and it’s people need to start realizing that sometimes, they need to put their hands up, be willing to try completely new and alien ideas, and see if they work. The system is flawed, and not because of money. It’s flawed because people think putting a bandaid on a cannonball sized wound is going to fix the bigger issue, and it’s a shame.

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