My Daily Dose of Writing 317

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I’ve officially run out of good one liners, so here’s a random dialogue thing I’ve been tossing around for a book.

Emily bit her lip. You say that an exact duplicate of a piece of art, isn’t real, because it’s not the original. But you’re not an original piece of art either. You’re just as fake as you say that I am. You say that we’re just copies, but aren’t copies also art? Did it not take skill and talent, to make an exact copy, with the same materials and paints, even down to mimicking the texture of the canvas? Did it not take talent to create that piece of art, so much so that it’s nearly indistinguishable from the original? Are we so unreal, simply because we’re not the original? 

Jack simply replied If I put a fake next to an original, what does it matter how grand a copy the fake appears as? 


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