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Conflicts are often both more complex and more involved than most will often ever realize or come to understand. It’s why reason must always triumph over a passing judgement. It’s easy to judge a conflict after all when you have so little ability or knowledge beyond the murmurs and whispers that one is often eager to hear, but timid to explain. A man would ask for common sense. A real man however, would ask “What’s common sense, if common sense gave you the wrong answer?” If I asked you the real reason that homelessness is still an issue in the “modern era” you’d give me a reason that’s both wrong, yet sensible and common. You’d give me the “common sense” answer. And yet, you’d be wrong. So, is common sense all that common, if it’s not common at all? Is common sense all that sensible, if the answer only ever makes sense in a vacuum or worse, doesn’t make sense at all? Everyone thinks they understand what’s at the bottom of a bottomless hole, and they all think they believe that they have the answer.

So, if you all have the wrong answer, is common sense really as common as the name is to be believed?


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