My Daily Dose Of Writing 258

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I really don’t have much to say. That’s right! No overly preachy words of wisdom, no cynical me being cynical, nope. None of that stuff. Instead, here’s some stuff I’m up to if anyone cares.

  • Currently, I’m looking into buying a laptop. I know which one I want and (hopefully) by today, I’ll own it. 1080p anti-glare display, blue ray drive, 2gb 6770m, and 8 gb of ram. I have a spare SSD, so I might swap this 750gb hard drive for the SSD when I buy it, don’t know yet. I’ll mainly use it as a portable .doc machine to use word and the like, with some casual gaming or editing if I can be arsed.
  • Haven’t touched the in-progress book much because I’ve been working on me mum’s computer. We’ll probably do some more work on it tomorrow. Want to try and get to 10,000 works by August 15th, figured that would leave me with approximately 700 words per day, which I can manage fairly easily. For a comparison, 250 words is approximately one, 5″ by 8″ page.
  • I like cheeseburgers.
  • Still saving money towards my office. Going to move my desk location at the end of August when it’s cool enough to take out the air conditioner so I can put the desk in front of the window. That way, I can have my huge bookcases on each side.
  • I need to re-stock my games so I can put them into a new spreadsheet for 2016. On average, I collect 100 games each year since I’ve started, but I haven’t actually ‘counted’ the amount of physical media I own in a while.
  • Stuff is expensive. I have realized this, and job hunting has still yielded no results as of yet. Currently am checking a few different websites twice a day for new job postings, but the job market in my town is terrible, with most towns nearby being equally terrible, with the majority of jobs never paying over $13.00 an hour, with the minimum wage being $10.00 in MA. I’m willing to work for minimum wage, but there just in general aren’t many job openings for jobs that aren’t either fast food or waiter, and I don’t feel like selling out my morals of working for shills of companies for the bare minimum they’re required to pay.


That’s about it. Have fun kiddies.

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