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“…America (like many other countries) is about the primordial immediate to any and every situation. As a result, America is about revenge. America has never been good at that whole ‘morally upstanding’ and ‘equal under the law’ bit. As a result of America’s revolving door morals, it’s never actually had a moral conflict were it hasn’t just changed it’s stance. Because America has never had a true moral conflict, it suffers from ‘drawing lines in the sand’ syndrome where it’s so liquid in it’s morals, it doesn’t actually stand for anything or have any clear moral views on anything. Because of those weak morals, America has an increasingly harder time defining what is and what isn’t good. It’s liquid morals means it’s never had to temper it’s anger with mercy, it’s rage with regret, and it’s judgement with doubt. Even if we remove the ‘commercial’ aspect to prisons and the US legal system, we’re still left with rules and regulations that aren’t often followed and (when they are) often with only half-embrace. The US prison system (and really the entirety of the United States including but not limited to it’s government, employees, and people) can’t change because the revolving door that is their moral obligation towards anything…”

Some commentary on the US prison system, as I’ve been seeing that ‘US VS Finland’ prison video floating about.

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