My Daily Dose Of Writing 224 – Educational Standards

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” The hypocrisy of modern education is that one must pay the educational system a premium price and yet, they hold no guaranteed responsibility for your education. Is that not egregious? To dare charge for your services without any guaranty your services are of a quality standing? Is not dishonest to charge for a service without any insurance that the service is of markable value or quality? Is it not, in some sense, deplorable to charge students for an education that they don’t even agree with? Is it not atrocious that the educational system is more than willing to have conferences and meetings regarding student education and welfare without ever even allowing students into these debates and meetings to voice their opinions? Why is there no outrage in an educational system that demands you do your very best, but there’s no way for the students to hold the educational system to that same high regard?
In fact, why is it that every time these topic are brought up, they’re seen as scandalous or queer? When’s the last time you’ve seen a real debate with students vs the educational system where the students actually won or actually changed something meaningful and drastic? Why is it oddly difficult for students to make these changes, but the educational system has no problem it seems making changes for the worse?
I’m not against public education, I’m against what it stands for. The educational industrial monarch is a god who can do whatever it pleases whenever it pleases and doesn’t have to worry about if it makes students upset. After all, if it did, budget cuts to students wouldn’t be the first thing on their minds. It’s a god that doesn’t haven’t to worry about relevancy, because it doesn’t depend on student welfare for it. The educational monarch doesn’t have to remain relevant, it doesn’t have to change for the better and it doesn’t have to do ethically sound things because it’s income doesn’t depend on any of it.
Remember this: Who punishes the educational system when they do something against student interests? Against the very students in some cases going thousands into debt for the sake of their education? What holds the educational system to that same high educational standard that students are expected to hold to? Nothing. Nothing holds them to keep their word and they’ve shown no regard for student welfare or improvement in the way we educate the youth and students both in the United States and across the globe. The educational system in it’s current state isn’t an educational system, but an increasing irrelevant tool that refuses to modernize towards growing educational standards. “

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