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Do you ever read all the advice that many offer in the self-publishing sphere, only to realize that most of it’s all things that you should already know, and little of it is actually ‘out-of-the-box’ strategies or ideas? I know there are some exceptions, but (for the most part) I don’t think I’ve ever really read ‘great’ advice that I would consider to be ‘new’ or ‘original’. Don’t get me wrong, and please don’t confuse me saying that I haven’t seen ‘new’ advice to not seeing ‘helpful’ advice. A lot of the advice and info I read before I began was very helpful, but it all felt almost obvious, or things that you should have already at least known about. I’m not trying to sound pretentious in any way, what I’m trying to say is that most of the advice I’ve read has been ‘common sense’ advice.

Who knows, maybe I’m so cynical that I’ve upgraded to the level of ‘complete and total asshole’ and thus have become ‘The Cynical Wolf’

Anyway, I finished up that preview version of my book ‘A Madman’s lectures on Humanity’ and will upload it tomorrow for anyone interested.

I was also reading a blog looking for any advice I might have missed (which is what prompted this post) and one piece of advice that did stick out was to remind readers who enjoyed your book or product to leave reviews. I was already familiar with this tactic from when I’ve ordered things on Ebay or Amazon, and the seller would send me an email asking for feedback. So, to one-up others, I thought I might make a custom branded Business card and package it with all sales of my book on my website, and just do the email for those who purchase a digital copy.

Anyhow, cheers!

PS: I’m tired, sorry for any grammatical errors.

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