‘A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity’ Book Preview Download


Hello everyone! For those unaware, my latest book A Madman’s Lectures On Humanity will be out in about a week on the 22nd of March, 2016. Sadly, Amazon doesn’t let you take a book tour on their website for books that haven’t been released yet. As such, I’ve created a preview of the book for you! The preview contains the cover of the book, 23 pages, and then the back cover. The preview of the book contains 17, out of the over 120 poems available to read in the book. Below are two different downloadable files for the preview for you two enjoy, each in different formats so as to be as compatible as possible for most E-readers. If you like the preview and want to read more, the book will be on sale on it’s release date of March 22nd.

The ebook (digital) version is $2.99,

the paperback version is $11.99,

and the limited-print hardcover variant will be $29.99.

Both ebook and paperback versions will be able to be purchased on Amazon.com or This Website Amadmanslecturesonhumanity.com . The hardcover limited print variant will be available only on this website, and will be hardbound by the author.

Enjoy the preview!


PDF Download

A Madman's lectures On Humanity Preview Download - PDF Format


EPUB Download

A Madman's Lectures On Humanity Preview Book EPUB Format


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