Poem: The Girl Who Wears The Wig


Poem: The Girl Who Wears The Wig

I’d give you a lift little angel,
but I already cracked my porcelain wings,
and I could never bare to watch if you fell to the ground,
because I wasn’t strong enough to carry you.

I know you wanna fly until the clouds are pillows,
away from all the problems that seem to follow you.
I know you wanna live forever away from the concrete graves,
that never seem to stop wanting to be your friend.

But sadly little lady I tied up my porcelain wings,
because I refused to let the world watch me stumble and fall.
But I’ll grow them back if only to shield you,
from the very things that made them crack.

Not because I want to,
but because you need to know,
that your future isn’t just a concrete grave,
constantly being hurt by something you didn’t deserve.

Your future sweetheart is a bright little world,
and for however long or for however short,
It’ll always be a future with so much more;
a future with a father that always loves you.

PS: Yes, the girl has cancer. Different take on my writing, what do you think?

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