My Daily Dose Of Writing 141

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“Your age and pedigree don’t make you smarter than someone else, and your previous achievements and titles no matter how valuable some may find them, do not inherently make you smarter than someone else who doesn’t have those titles or achievements, and they certainly don’t mean or remove you from making mistakes or failures. There comes a point in life where age is no longer a limiting factor on one’s abilities to learn. When that point comes, it is your maturity and your willingness to accept failure that will truly make you smarter than others. Not the pedigrees you’ve mustered, but the willingness and humbleness to admit that those pedigrees don’t remove you from being wrong.”


I don’t like when people try to ignore criticism with pedigree. It’s childish, and insulting to my intelligence. Your titles you’ve been handed don’t remove you from being wrong, and I have a personal spite against those that protect people because of their pedigree and titles. Sorry, my cynicism would never allow me to just “accept” that someone is intelligent because they wave a piece of paper around. Don’t just go around saying you’re smart, act like it. Sorry, rant done ^_^.

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