My Daily Dose Of Writing 125

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You only have one chance to release your book. Don’t get me wrong now, you can release it a second time. But if you trip on the door, don’t expect showing off your baseball card collection to make up for it. If you release a shoddy product the first time and take it off the market to fix, no one will remember the part involving you fixing that product. Instead, they’ll remember the time that one company pulled it off the market for it having something wrong.

This doesn’t mean if you re-release it, the product won’t be successful or make money, but that lightning you had the chance of striking the first time isn’t coming back because you’re ready now. Not saying you shouldn’t be you or you shouldn’t release and show off something you worked on, just make sure you show off the best version of whatever you can possibly be or do or make. Don’t ‘not’ put your eggs into the basket because you’re afraid of the basket failing. If you’re afraid of the basket failing, build a better basket, don’t just stop going to market trying to sell your eggs.

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