My Daily Dose Of Writing 114

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” I used to like people. No, really I did! Honestly they were really cute and adorable, like when you’d see a cute and adorable puppy or baby animal and you just keep telling yourself that you’ll want one and you’d take better care of it, feed it, and take over for all of it’s responsibilities. But (just like wanting a cute or baby animal) you realize all the responsibility of keeping one around. Give it food, give it love, feed it, buy it toys, tell it that it’s the most adorable thing ever while it simultaneously biting you, and so on. You then quickly realize it’s far too much for you to handle but you feel contrived into a now seemingly forced relationship that you can’t quite escape without feeling responsible for feeling like a dick for not loving it that one night after you get fed up when it bites you for apparently no reason for the 793rd time.

I suppose that was an analogy for humans in general, but it’s more so an analogy towards other ‘things’ in general in your life. ‘Things’ you’re quite honestly fed up with but you just can’t leave for some almost forcibly contrived reason that you somehow feel responsible for but don’t know why. I think it’s because the feeling and need to want something dependent on you, without actually wanting the responsibility of that dependence to follow. I once thought how happier my turtle may be for example, had I not had her and she having been living out her life in some pond in the backwaters of the United States with other turtles having turtle babies. I then realized that if either of my pets haven’t seen me for all of 22 minutes, they will look like the most depressed creatures this planet has ever put out, as if I’ve left them for years when in reality I simply went to the store to get some milk.

I’m not sure when the analogy of comparing humanity to pets stopped, but now my cat is still giving me those same eyes I mentioned even though it’s but four feet away and not giving a toss what I’m doing besides the occasional twitch of her ears at the sound of my speakers.

Who knows, maybe humanity just has a really bad God Complex that they can’t quite control, and they feel the need to use others to fill their complex disorder of needing to feel like a god.”

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