My Daily Dose Of Writing 112

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“Writing for me was just a fun hobby. It didn’t become a career I really considered until I was told that what I wanted couldn’t be done, and that it was impossible to be a successful writer nowadays, and that I should look for a ‘real’ career. I was told that working at a job that pays you $5.00 an hour after taxes and deductions was just something all people have to do, and I was a fool for not doing the same as everyone else my age.

I don’t like being told what I have to do, and I especially don’t like being told what I should be doing because everyone else felt they had to do it. Even if I don’t make a lot of money (if any money at all) from my first publication, I will have taught myself far more than just serving someone their meal or flipping burgers. I will have taught myself real-world skills that are actually applicable to something other than just literature. I won’t get that slaving away for $5.00 an hour because I’m told I have to, and even if my first book flops, I’ll still have succeeded more than anyone who told me that I wouldn’t. While all the doubters out there doubt my ability while they themselves slave away at jobs they could care less about, I’m actively achieving the very things they’ve said were impossible. That my friends, is why I’ll never fail. Simply getting up to bat is more than anyone that doubts me ever expects to happen, and they doubt it because they themselves couldn’t jump over that first hurdle; fear. I respect those that slave away at jobs they hate, but I will never be that person that could work like that, I’m sorry. ”

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