My Daily Dose Of Writing 86

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– The Party Of A Derelict Girl –

One more dance,
with the pretty little dancers.
A white-washed scene full of bleak little hearts,
masks for the faces to cover their scars.

Dressed head-to-toe in gown lace or tux,
Dancing at a party with words wrapped in lips.
But sadly to a melancholy soul,
today was the day she didn’t listen to herself.

As another wild spell slipped into her head,
bending down as she tripped and fell.
She pressed her hands against the newly formed cracks,
that now decorated the pearly white mask on her face:

the seams were dripping with blood;
old wounds like a corpse of skin stitched with lies re-imagined.
Drops of little red truth spilling from the lips,
swallowed whole, the vagrant’s so negligent tears.

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