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–The problem with an educational ladder system [the commonly used educational standard for US and European countries]:–
The main problem is that it stems from sole ideas we’ve had debunked for decades as colossal failures. These ideas being that regardless of background, personality, traits, parents, or heritage if you put all children into the same education they will all have the same ideals, goals, and educational background and will all learn at [roughly] the same rate.
1) Why the ladder system as an idea was never popular in public education [primary and secondary education]
For one, the idea is false. Ever have someone that seems to get all ‘A’ grades while the rest of the class gets only average? Or have you ever been in a class that has many seemingly already knowing all the stuff the rest are still learning? What you were witnessing was a not-so-incredible example of why the ladder system doesn’t work. It presumes one thing; that all students learn at the same pace and that all students need to learn certain things in order to be better people. This idea has been proven false time and time again and what you had witnessed was proving a system wrong. This idea hasn’t been, and will never be popular with students because it assumes everyone is automatically stupid going in. As an analogy to ladders, it’s like being half-way up a ladder only to be forced to go back down only to later climb back up because not everyone is on the ladder yet.
2) Why the ladder system hasn’t been popular in collage and universities
Besides the reasons above, you have one much larger difference between ladder system A [primary/secondary education] and ladder system B [collage/universities]. This difference, is that you’re as a student now paying to forcibly re-learn everything you may have previous knowledge of simply because others may not have that knowledge. It’s assumption that everyone needs X or Y classes still combined with the fact many you can’t simply test out of to reach a higher class is a large reason for it’s failure. It presumes your stupid, and rather than asking if you actually need to take X class or Y class you now have to pay for it because you MAY need it 40 years from now when your employer hands you a test about quadratic equations or what Edger Allen Poe’s favorite food was. You may even have to pay for the class if you test out! You have to pay for the benefit of presumption that everyone is a guaranteed moron.
3) Why the ladder system is still around if no one likes it
Money. Replacing the educational standard or even giving free choice to learn more applicable things to daily life costs money, and providing a well thought-out education is too much of a reward for most countries to bother paying for. It’s expensive to replace and even more so to convince schools that a better system is available, one I’ll talk about later on.

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