My Daily Dose Of Writing 48

daily dose of writing cover

“Tell me oh dearest,
who wears the whitest of gowns.
Tell me oh darling,
who wears the most silver of crowns.

Tell me oh child,
who wears the whitest of wings.
Tell me oh angel,
who’s melodies we sing.

Tell me oh world,
who now wears the blackest of vails.
Tell me oh reaper,
who’s wrath never fail.

Tell me oh heaven,
who wears the brightest of lights.
Tell me oh hell,
who shields us from the darkest of plights.

Tell me oh words,
who wears the coldest of thoughts.
Tell me my heart,
who seems sad and distraught.

Tell me myself,
who’s innocence slips away.
Tell me my love,
why couldn’t you just be okay?”

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