My Daily Dose Of Writing 2

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My Daily dose of My Writing #2 : Contemplating In A Fallout Coffee Shop

Everyone’s going along a highway,
but do they even know where they’re going?
They’ve seem to have been onward towards nowhere,
so what kept them from stopping?

You know,
while sitting here with a gal in the coffee shop.
Drinking and pondering waiting for the rain to clear,
you’d probably be on your eighth cup.

I figure the world was indifferent,
though to be brute and frank I see a universe of cycles.
And a little bit of advice,
is that no one can seem to rupture them.

Humanity is it’s own little catalyst after all,
in a metaphorical sense of course.
Fading in and out of existence,
like a beautiful river strangling itself.

What happened to the heroes,
or the challengers and challenges?
Sometimes you’d think it was a child who imagined it,
because it all went by so quickly.

The gal said she had faith it would change,
so I told her to ask her invisible gods.
“Are your gods proud of you?
Because I know I wouldn’t be.”

What does it take to convince yourself after all,
that gods of some celestial power,
are proud of people that act selfishly,
and refuse to move forward as a species?

I suppose this is where the story would end,
I can go since the rain stopped.
But all the buses are long long gone,
and I’m alone to contemplate it all in bittersweet silence.

Because these ruins of an old coffee shop hold little value now,
and that gal ain’t nothing but ash burnt to the faded brick walls.
I’ve been sitting here trying to imagine this bitter water is coffee,
but I think it’s just the radiation going to my head again.

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